Raising Poultry the Responsible Way

Pastured poultry goes beyond labels; it’s a community and a movement of farmers and eaters who intentionally choose to support a better way of raising chickens, eggs, and turkey.

The problem with poultry production today (in addition to the actual hard work of production) is that the claims of free range, organic, antibiotic-free, cage free, and natural are nearly indistinguishable from the white-washed commercial options consumers are trying to avoid in the first place.

Deceiptful Poultry & Egg Labels

The burden lies with us to create the change we need. That change starts with helping a wider group of people discover the benefits of buying and eating local pastured poultry. The “Better Way Forward” video equip us with much needed information that will help us find and purchase the truly unique poultry products we seek.

Nights Like These

Days like today are followed by nights like these.

It’s night like these when on the drive home I’m kicking myself the whole way, driving slow to make it last. I punish my animals when they don’t live up to my expectations of a domesticated house pet.

It’s nights like these when my  head hangs low as my husbandry farce is exposed.

It’s nights like these that start and end with something to numb my thoughts. I know the predators are out specifically as I write this because I saw and heard.

I can only hope I’ve done enough to protect the little ones who trust me with more than they know on nights like these.

It’s nights like these that’ll make you question whether you know what you’re doing and hope that nature and God give you grace enough not to pay the penance correlated to your mistakes.

It’s nights like these when I realize I’m way farther into it than I’d planned and there’s no looking back now.

It’s nights like these that I’ve lost my appetite, but I force something down so I can start mornings that don’t end in nights like these.

I Ordered Chicks!

Something you might not have known – chicks can be ordered and shipped through snail mail. The number of hatcheries all over the US providing said service was surprising. If, like I was, you’re worried about the well-being of the chicks stuck in a cardboard crate for two days, don’t be. Apparently after hatching they can survive three days with no food or water. The nutrient stores from inside their egg will last them as their metabolism lies dormant. The order is expedited to 2-day shipping, shipment tracking is provided, and the post office calls before delivery to ensure someone will be home to accept.

Of the hundreds of breeds, I ordered four types based on their ability to tolerate the Texas heat, forage on pasture for food, and lay eggs.  Twenty-six in total will be arriving the week of February 13th. I’m extremely excited and nervous! Check them out:

Black Minorca
Black Minorcas
Egyptian Fayoumi
Egyptian Fayoumis
Buff Barred Rock
Buff Barred Rock
Single Comb Brown Leghorn
Single Comb Brown Leghorn