How to Cook a Juicy, Tender Steaks Indoors this Winter

Close your eyes. Wait, bad idea – you should keep reading. Just imagine with me that it’s warm and sunny enough outside for shorts, a tank-top, and even flip-flops. The neighbors are coming over for a leisurely afternoon BBQ. Your iced tea (read: beer) sweats down your hand. A slight, hot breeze wafts the smell of sizzling steaks and marinated vegetables off the grill. Your mouth waters a little too excessively. You PR’ed the partner WOD this morning with your bestie. All is right in the world.

*SNAP* back to reality. The temperature won’t rise out of the 50s today. You’re inside the house captive to at least 2 layers of underwear while you stare longingly at your covered grill, now nothing more than a symbol. Deep life-altering questions prey on your subconscious – “Will my tan last until at least NYE this year?” and “If yoga pants were insulated would they hide my holiday gains?” Hope for a short Texas winter fortifies your perseverance. Til next year, savory sizzles of summer…

But Fam – Why wait to at least TASTE summer again? Would you believe there’s a way to cook our grass-finished steaks that we PREFER over grilling? After many experiments with Paleo-style recipes we’re happy to share our proven favorite with you. You see, grass-finished meat actually requires a longer, slower cook time to bring out its best life. We’ve been enjoying steaks year-round without pause or drop in quality during colder months, and now we hope you will too. Visit our recipes page and let us know how yours turned-out.