The Entity

Grass to Food started in… well to be honest it seems like it hasn’t stopped starting. Nothing about the beginning of this add/venture has formalized.  I can’t decide whether I want to call us a farm or a ranch. We’re a lot of both. To be a good animal rancher and/or husband, one must first and foremost practice grass farming.

We’re located in Elgin, TX right outside of Austin just far enough away from the crunchy hippie cooties. It’s a quiet, almost idyllic (aside from the poverty) little town with a blue collar personality all its own. The area’s an au-naturel gem, relatively untainted by big-city influence for the time being, and we’re enjoying our pastural life as a part of it.

Why ‘Grass to Food’?

I’m fortunate to proclaim the ideology of “grass to food” from the shoulders of agrarian giants namely Gene Logsdon, Allan Nation (RIP), and Joel Salatin. GTF is a theory for allowing animals to produce food for us in the most efficient, basic, and healthy way possible – with the very same methods before homo-sapiens intervened in the last few centuries. (coinciding with the sharpest rise in food related illnesses in the history of recorded mankind). ***VEGAN EARMUFF WARNING*** The healthiest, happiest, tastiest animal based foodstuffs are such because throughout life they are given access to a varied diet of grasses, bugs, legumes, worms, seeds, and forbs from which they can choose at their instinctive discretion.