The Hard Truth: Our Ethically Raised Pork vs. Grocery Store CAFO Pork

Before we get started, notice the photo of our pigs on grass the way we believe all animals should be raised.

This is the life we choose to give our hogs at Grass to Food Farm, but it’s NOT the life 90% of hogs are allowed to live.

It’s not only is it the right thing to do; hogs raised on pasture are healthier and produce a better product that consumers are needing.

To go into more detail, here are 10 ways that our hogs live a different life than conventionally raised CAFO hogs.

Ours: Mother pigs we source from live and birth naturally, are never confined to crates.
Theirs: Mother Pigs confined to crates for the entirety of adult life.

Ours: Raised in an outdoor immune-building environment.
Theirs: Raised in sterile environments promoting weak immune systems.

Ours: Strong immune systems that negate the need for medications.
Theirs: Weak immune systems requiring drugs and antibiotics for survival.

Ours: Allowed to grow naturally and accumulate healthy body fat.
Theirs: Fed drugs like Paylean to promote lean muscle growth.

Ours: Enjoy the sunshine & fresh air daily.
Theirs: Subjected to artificial lighting most of their life.

Ours: Raised in a small group of 10 or fewer pigs outdoors.
Theirs: Raised in large buildings housing a few THOUSAND pigs.

Ours: Natural breeding whenever the mood is right.
Theirs: Forced artificial insemination in crates or gestation pens.

Ours: Time-tested hardy Heritage genetics. (Duroc x Large Black x Red Wattle)
Theirs: Fragile hybridized industrial genetics.

Ours: Regenerative mindset: Happier – slower – better healthier.
Theirs: Industrial mindset: Fatter faster – bigger cheaper.

Ours: 10+ acres of open pasture space to roam.
Theirs: 7.5 sq ft of concrete floor space/pig.

The reason I share this comparison is that our Autumn Hog Harvest sale is not just about offering new pork products and savings.

It’s also about educating our customers and the public that there’s an alternative to what they may be used to.