Why is Shopping for Beef so Complicated?

(This is why we started raising our own!)

I don’t know how you feel about it, but grocery shopping to meal-prep or dinner-plan is downright daunting for me these days. We live in an age where options abound and information about our food is at our fingertips. Why then, do I need a nutrition health coach as my personal shopper to decipher how my keto/organic/paleo/non-GMO/pastured/gluten-free/eco-friendly lifestyle fits into my grocery cart? Every week! I don’t need the extra stress, especially after a long day of work. 

WE HAVE YOU COVERED!!! Beef is the one thing I never have to over-analyze again. My limited mental capacity is free to take on the rest of life’s more pressing hurdles. What’s your struggle?

Keto? Paleo?
The grass-finished fats in our meat are chock-full of healthy cholesterols and the proper Omega 3:6 balance. That’s why it TASTES GREAT!

Organic? Non-GMO?
We can’t afford the certification at our small scale, but I can personally promise we don’t use chemicals on our pastures, nor do we feed ANY grain or antibiotics WHATSOEVER.

Intimidated by the Package or Variety?
No worries. The largest package fits nicely into our medium-sized, soft-side Yeti cooler which fits about 3 gallon jugs. You also have access to our favorite, personally-tested recipes on the website. 

Isn’t Grass-Finished Beef Difficult to Prepare?
The opposite! Because it’s chock-full of nutrients it doesn’t need as much flavoring compared to bland, grocery-store-generic meat. Throw the ground beef in a stir fry with some vegetables and a little sauce and YOU’VE JUST WON DINNER.

Don’t Need Another Errand?
We’ll work with you on a helpful time and place for your pickup. You can take the iced, insulated food carrier home to unload at your convenience.

Thank you so much for all of your support. We hear your concerns and understand why this is so important to you. Please keep your helpful suggestions and insights coming! We love hearing from you.

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